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Reinke Resigns as Lopes’ Women’s Club Basketball/Soccer Coach

September 6, 2018

By: Ruby Arani/ GCU Staff

Once a Lope, always a Lope.

Grand Canyon University Club Sports Head Coach Erin Reinke is hanging up her whistles to pursue one of her greatest passions.

Reinke has resigned as head coach of both GCU Women’s Club Basketball and GCU Women’s Club Soccer after two years at the university. Reinke guided the soccer program for both seasons, and added the women’s basketball duties last season, leading the basketball team to the quarterfinals of the NIRSA National Basketball Championships back in April.

Reinke steps down knowing she’s left both programs in good hands.  Her lead assistant on the women’s basketball side, Kyle Speed, will take over the reins; while Hannah Bolton, who both played and coached for the Lopes’ Club Women’s Soccer squad a year ago, now becomes head coach.

I sat down with Reinke to discuss her future ventures and reflect back on her time with GCU Club Sports.

Ruby Arani: What is your next step?
Erin Reinke:  I am in the process of starting a new business related to sports. That is all I can say at this time, but I am really excited.

RA: What was your favorite part about coaching at GCU?
ER: I really enjoyed building relationships at GCU. I was able to learn more about my students and my students were able to learn more about me. It felt like a family; being a part of the Club Sports program. There was so much support from Club Sports and from the university to make each club sport program the best that it can be.

RA: What was your favorite memory coaching at GCU?
ER: That’s definitely a tough one. My favorite memory is when women’s club basketball went to nationals in the spring. We took only six players, and we were able to make it to the quarterfinals of the NIRSA National Basketball Championships. The girls worked so hard to get there, and it is something I know they will never forget and neither will I.

RA: What has coaching at GCU taught you?
ER: It was my first time coaching two sports. I now feel more confident in coaching a new sport in the future. Coaching at GCU has helped me see what I really want to do and push me to open new doors. I met so many great people through club sports to coach and work with.

RA: Where do you see the programs going in the future?
ER: Women’s Club Soccer has and will continue to be a popular program. I can see it only improving for the upcoming seasons. Women’s Club Basketball ended on such a high note last season, (so) I can see the program only growing and dominating for seasons to come. For GCU Club Sports, they have everything to offer students:  great facilities, resources and strong competition.

RA: Any advice or recommendations for future GCU Club Sports coaches?
ER: Remember it is all about the players. Club sports offers students the opportunity to play competitively while offering the flexibility that tailors to a student’s busy college schedule. We as coaches have to find that balance for the student so they ultimately enjoy their college experience. But most importantly, have fun. Enjoy it! It is a great experience.

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