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Preview: GCU Bowling Prepares for ASU Opener

GCU Bowling vs. ASU Photo
October 24, 2018

GCU vs. ASU Bowling Season Opener Preview

By David Carter/GCU Staff

Bragging rights and rivalries are what many sport fans, athletes and teams live for.

The same can be said for the GCU & ASU Bowling programs.

The GCU Men’s and Women’s Bowling teams are preparing for their annual season opener against Arizona State University.

GCU Bowling Head Coach Ben Canfield is working with his teams to ensure they are successful in this and all future tournaments.

Canfield recently spoke about his goals and expectations for the upcoming fall season and what he expects in the cross-town rivalry matchup.


What is the goal for the GCU vs. ASU Bowling matchup coming up?

Canfield: It will be the fourth one we have done. We started it the first year I was coach. It has been a lot of fun for us in the years past. Expectations are for us to win. Last year we were able to win for the first time. We would love to keep the title for another year as the best team in Arizona.

What are you hoping the GCU bowler’s get out of the ASU bowling matchup?

Canfield: This is a good event for our bowlers to get their competitive juices flowing. We have a young team this year and a lot of them have not participated in collegiate competition yet. This will be a fun way to get them used to the environment and see what they can really do against our cross-town rivals.

What is the history of the bowling rivalry between GCU and ASU?  

Canfield: This match has always been here on campus. We started it my first year as head coach. ASU is my alma mater and I am still really close with their coach and it is something we thought would be fun to do. They won the first two years and we won the third year. All matches have been very close and have come down to the wire.

What is the travel roster looking like this year and are there any players who have been selected to be captains?

Canfield: This year we have 12 men and six women that will be representing us all over the country. As for captains, on the men’s side we have Kyle Gilbert and Joshua Mabry as our captains. Both have showed me they are willing to go above and beyond to help the team be successful. On the women’s side our captain is Emily Ornelas. She is a returning all-American collegiate bowler and she brings a lot of valuable experience to the team. She has been successful in collegiate bowling as well as in other capacities as well.

What are the goals and expectations for the team moving forward after the ASU matchup?

Canfield: The first goal is to win one of the tournaments we have. We bowl two tournaments in Fresno and then we go to NAU and then we bowl two tournaments in Southern California. It would be nice if we could go grab a win in one of those first 4 tournaments. I think we are more than capable of doing so.

To do well in the following tournament, GCU men’s and women’s bowling must first succeed in their opening season matchup versus ASU.

The ASU vs. GCU matchup will be Friday, October 26 at 5 pm in Thunder Alley.

Come watch some great collegiate bowling!

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