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Petar Draksin Takes on GCU Club Soccer

Petar Draksin's office
December 30, 2020

Longtime Lope reflects on historic career, new venture

By: Maria Adams/GCU Staff

New gig. Not-so-new face.

This fall, Petar Draksin embarked on his first semester as head coach of the Grand Canyon University Men’s Club Soccer program, his latest title in a long list of stints for GCU.

“I have a lot of passion for the institution,” said Draksin. “I cannot see myself being anywhere else.”

Draksin’s career at GCU began in 1986 as a volunteer assistant for the Lopes’ NAIA Men’s Soccer team. Since then, the man commonly known as “Drak” has taken on several roles. As head coach of the Lopes NCAA Men’s Soccer squad, he led them through their first two seasons at the Division I level. Draksin has also served and protected the campus as a member of GCU Public Safety.  

All these years enveloped in the community has given Draksin the inside scoop on what sets GCU apart from other universities.

“The focus has always been on the students,” said Draksin. “(We) help them grow in spiritual life, athletics, academics and in all areas, really.”

Draksin enters this new chapter at GCU with high hopes despite the hurdles this year has thrown his way. Practices have been a challenge due to COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing. Draksin is determined to keep the team engaged.

“We are staying in touch and keeping them informed,” said Draksin. “I am having the kids focus on what they can do like individual work, weightlifting, and fundraising.”

Draksin has also enlisted eight student leaders within the program to help guide the team. With a roster of about 50 athletes, these student leaders have allowed Draksin feel confident that no man gets left behind.  

“Club sports is (about) giving the young students an opportunity,” said Draksin. “We are encouraging them to become leaders at the institution and in life.”

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