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Men’s Bowling Captures First Win in Annual Grudge Match

men's bowling at grudge match
October 19, 2017

By: K.J. Wylie/ GCU Staff

By anyone’s definition, it’s now a rivalry.

Creating a rivalry requires both teams involved to have wins against each other. When it comes to the annual Grudge Match, the GCU men’s bowling team partakes in against Arizona State, they officially sparked that rivalry with not just winning, but doing so in a rather convincing manner. Friday at Thunder Alley on the GCU campus joining with the women’s bowling team to beat the Sun Devils, 10-6.

With ASU having been dominant in the sport since the 80’s, Lopes head coach Ben Canfield acknowledges that the team has a ways to go before they are considered the team to beat in the state, but the team is certainly trending in the right direction. And with the team in the middle of preparing for their first official collegiate event of the season, Canfield feels this is a wonderful starting point for the team.

“It was good for the guys to get on the lanes, and feel the competitive juices flowing,” said Canfield. “Nothing can fully prepare you for the first shot of the season, but I’m confident we can bring home some wins.”

One of many players who found success Friday night was Kyle Reed, who picked up most of his spares and cashed in a plethora of strikes to go with it. However, he is already looking forward and focusing on the next challenge that awaits the team.

“Most of us won our matches pretty handily, so overall, it was a good night,” said Reed. “This gives us a good confidence boost since we don’t compete again for a couple of weeks. We have a really good team this year, and we just need to focus on not putting too much pressure on ourselves and pick up most spares.” Reed added that all the improvement he hopes to see for himself and the team will come with consistent repetition in practice.

The team will have just under a month to perfect their games before they put their skills to the test again with a tournament in Fresno, CA. This will be their first official collegiate event in which they are eligible to earn points on the season.