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GCU Powerlifter Nathan Hong Shows Out at 1st Meet

February 23, 2021

Lopes’ senior posts nearly perfect day on lifts

By: Giovanni Hicks/GCU Club Sports Writing Staff

The Grand Canyon University Powerlifting club continued their success over the weekend with Nathan Hong’s outstanding performance at the Tucson Strength Drug Tested Open.

Although it was Hong’s very first meet, he excelled all expectations as he squatted 391.3 lbs, bench pressed 225.9 lbs and deadlifted 418.9 lbs. This put Hong’s total weight lifted at 1036.2 lbs, earning him first place in his weight and age class.

A key component of Hong’s success was his overall composure during lifts. Hong made sure to keep a level head throughout the meet, not letting anything distract him.

“Nathan did such a great job executing his lifts,” said Lopes’ Assistant Coach Taylor Oda. “He followed the referee’s commands well and stayed calm, cool, and collected the whole time.”

Hong is a senior at GCU, obtaining his bachelor’s degree in business administration. After he graduates, Hong wishes to pursue a management career in the automotive industry.

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