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GCU Women’s Rugby Enjoys Holiday Celebration

Women's Rugby player swings at piñata
December 18, 2020

By: Maria Adams/GCU Staff

To send off the team in the holiday spirit, the Grand Canyon University Women’s Rugby squad gathered for a day of relay races, trivia questions, a piñata, and charades as part of a quest that led to a special surprise – all while wearing Christmas pajamas!

“We were able to work together as a team, and instead of playing our sport, we were doing something different and fun,” said Lopes’ senior Reina Walker. “It’s great because our team culture gets to build in other ways.”

Found at the finish line of this series of fun games and activities was a brand-new Nike backpack embroidered with the GCU Rugby logo. This prize was especially meaningful to the girls because the backpacks were all anonymously donated.

Receiving new GCU Rugby swag was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to the takeaways from this event. Each leg of the scavenger hunt served to help build upon the culture and standards that the team set for themselves this year.

“Our goal is to build a sisterhood,” said Lopes’ Assistant Coach Missy Bleak. “The values we set in order to establish that sisterhood are respect, grit, and discipline.”

This semester has been out of the ordinary for everyone, especially for club sports. GCU Women’s Rugby has been resilient and determined to foster growth during this season of unfamiliarity. The team has jumped at moments of opportunity like this to lean on each other and find belonging.

“Coming together and still safely doing activities like this is a good reminder of what club sports and a team can do for you,” said Bleak. “(It’s about) providing that sense of family.”

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