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GCU Women’s Club Soccer Defeats ACU in First Away Game

Women's club soccer huddles together
March 26, 2021

Lopes employ adaptability on road

By: Maria Adams/GCU Club Sports Writing Staff

Unfamiliar territory? No problem.  

Grand Canyon University Women’s Club Soccer clinched a 3-2 win over Arizona Christian University at the ACU Football Field in Glendale. While it was the Lopes’ first game outside the comforts of the GCU campus, they rose to the occasion.

“The biggest challenge was adjusting to a larger field,” said Lopes’ Head Coach Hannah Bolton. “We capitalized on the width of the field and used it to spread out the offense.”

The Lopes put their new offensive tactic into action immediately after kickoff. Any uncertainty GCU felt towards their game plan was diminished when freshman Ellie Busik scored the first goal of the night early in the first half.

The Firestorm’s lengthy field also brought the Lopes an unforeseen advantage in freshman Noelle Christenson.

“We discovered Noelle has a really long throw,” said Bolton. “We tried to utilize her for throw-ins throughout the game.”

In addition to her throwing skills, Christenson also scored a goal for the Lopes. Although ACU managed to secure two goals of their own, yet another GCU freshman, Taylynn Low, found the back of the net to solidify the Lopes’ win.

The Lopes’ first attempt at an away game may have felt foreign, but their head coach was pleased with the results.

“It’s easy to forget about all the details that come into play with a big field and full player count,” said Bolton. “We did a good job adapting.”

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