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GCU Women’s Club Basketball Shooting for Success

November 3, 2017

By: Chase Gardiner/GCU Staff

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” –John F. Kennedy

For the Grand Canyon University Women’s Club Basketball team, change is the name of the game for their upcoming season. New facility? Yep. New team? Check. New coach? Absolutely. While these adjustments may be nerve-racking for some, the Lopes are prepared to embrace change, and strive for success.

For 17 of the 21 athletes on the team roster, things seem like business as usual during the weeks before their first game. However, for the only four returning players from last year, change is already evident.

“One of the major differences that I have noticed this year is that club basketball is more organized,” pointed out second-year veteran and current Lopes’ team captain Ebony Grant-Stafford. “We have a set schedule, practice and practice facility that we can use.” Additionally, Grant-Stafford pointed out that the team has drawn “more players that are willing to play” and that have a greater “commitment to the team.”

As these changes draw more attention and traffic to the team, both players and coaches alike have found reasons to be excited for the upcoming season. For first – year Lopes’ Head Coach Erin Reinke, this influx in player interest has directly boosted the team’s talent level.

“The difference between last year and this year is that we have depth at every position,” noted Reinke. “I think by the end of the year we should be able to make it to nationals.”

With nationals already in their crosshairs, the Lopes are incredibly excited to push for a new level of success. If you don’t want to miss the future, come out and support the Lopes during their first home game against Chandler-Gilbert Community College at 7 pm on November 3, at the Antelope Gym on GCU’s campus.