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GCU Ultimate splits Round Robin Tournament

Ultimate player catching disc
March 23, 2021

Lopes lose to Phoenix, beat Flagstaff in home tourney

By: Julie Laugel/GCU Club Sports Writing Staff

Stepping onto the field to compete for the first time this season, the Grand Canyon University Ultimate team split their games with Phoenix Club and Flagstaff Club at a Round Robin Tournament at GCU’s Practice Soccer Field Saturday. The Lopes began the day falling to Phoenix Club, 15-8, and then bounced back for a 13-5 victory over Flagstaff Club.

Phoenix Club 15, GCU 8

The Lopes struggled to shake the rust off in their first game and stop Phoenix’s fast-paced offense.

“Most of those players were older than us and have been playing a lot longer than us, so they adjusted well to how we were playing,” said Lopes’ junior team captain Aaron Nunn. “Something we could do better is adjusting mid-game to whatever the other team throws at us.”

Lopes’ senior Jacob VanGerpen led the team with three assists, while sophomore Eli Salmon paced the offense with two goals.

“Jacob really helped us offensively,” said Nunn. “He was able to throw the disc at a really high level and put it in places where the defender couldn’t get it, but our offensive cutter could.”

GCU 13, Flagstaff Club 5

“One thing we did better against Flagstaff is we just settled down and played our game,” said Nunn. “We also were playing better defense and focused on giving 100 percent, whereas sometimes we slacked off on defense against Phoenix.”

Shane Davidson helped improve GCU’s defense with four blocks against Flagstaff Club and led the team with five total blocks for the day. VanGerpen added six more assists (nine total for the day), while Salmon added two more goals, leading the offense with four goals total.

“As a team, we played really well together,” said Nunn. “Our newcomers stood out as a whole – despite the lack of competition they’ve had so far.”

GCU Ultimate competes again on Saturday, Mar. 27, where they will host another round robin tournament at GCU’s Colter Fields.

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