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GCU Spirit Club Spotlight: Student Coach Jordan Elmore

GCU Club Spirit practicing in gym
October 10, 2018

By: Ruby Arani/ GCU Staff

The common theme that runs throughout the Grand Canyon University campus?

Lope Pride.

Students step up and take on big responsibilities to contribute great things to the vibrant GCU community.

The love and pride Jordan Elmore has for both GCU and the GCU Spirit Club has pushed him to step up and become the team’s student head coach for the 2018-19 season.

The Student

Elmore is a senior from Imperial, California pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in counseling focusing on addiction and substance abuse. Elmore joined the Spirit Club last year after transferring to GCU. Elmore was able to not only participate in his passion but able to meet his… well, we’ll let him tell you.

“My favorite thing about the Spirit Club was meeting my ‘forever family’,” said Elmore.  “Transferring to GCU, I didn’t know anyone. After I joined the club, I not only gained a team, but a whole new family away from home who support me in achieving my own personal goals.”

Elmore would love to pursue a career as a cheer and dance coach.

The Coach

Coming into the season as not only a student but as coach, Elmore knows what challenges he will face.

“The most challenging aspect of being a student coach is leading over 30 athletes all the same age as myself-primarily because it is hard to see someone that is around the same age as you as a coach,” added Elmore. “The most rewarding aspect of being a student coach would be gaining a whole new family away from home.”

Elmore wasted no time establishing a coaching philosophy.

“Anything is achievable through discipline, teamwork, and dedication,” said Elmore. “I push for my team to understand that the only things we can control are: 1) how effective and efficient practice time is utilized; and 2) how clean a routine can hit during competition.”

“I want the Spirit program to be something more than just a club team,” said Elmore. “I want this team to have a stronger presence on campus and to be known as more than just a team.”

Elmore and the Spirit Club held evaluations in late September to best place each student in the areas based on their skill level. Over 40 students showed up to the two-day evaluation period.

“Evaluations went really well,” said Elmore. “Everyone that came out was so eager to participate and learn.”

Elmore can now focus on upcoming events such as the Phoenix All Things Cheer competition in February.

“I can’t wait for the very first competition for the season,” said Elmore. “Phoenix All Things Cheer competition will be the first experience competing for many of my athletes, and I can’t wait to see their progress.”

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