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GCU Powerlifters Crush Competition at USPA Desert Alpha

Jimmy Vasquez, Christian Kramer at USPA Desert Alpha 3-27-21
April 1, 2021

Lopes’ lifters qualify for national meets, set national records

By: Giovanni Hicks/GCU Club Sports Writing Staff

Continuing their dominant season, GCU Powerlifting Club crowned two first-place finishers in Jimmy Vasquez and Christian Kramer at the United States Powerlifting Association Desert Alpha in Yuma, while Vasquez set national records for squat, bench press, and deadlift.

“It’s been a long training cycle as I had to overcome some personal obstacles,” said Vasquez. “I’m glad that I was finally able to hit the platform again and break some records.”

Vasquez’s goal was to hit 700 pounds on squat and deadlift. Although ultimately falling short of that goal, Vasquez still set national records in each lift category with a 650.4-pound squat, 666.9-pound deadlift, and a 402.3-pound bench press. Those numbers were more than enough to secure the first-place finish in the 140kg Open Men’s Single Ply division with 1719.6 pounds in total weight lifted.

“During my squat, the plan was to get as close to 700 pounds as possible,” said Vasquez, “I was able to get to 650, but I need to build core stability and start trusting the squat suit more to eventually reach 700.”

Kramer also showed out at the Desert Alpha, taking home first place in the Junior Men’s 15-19 Raw 100kg division after posting a 380-pound squat, 419-pound deadlift, and 242-pound bench press.

Their outstanding performances qualified both Kramer and Vasquez for the Drug Tested Nationals and Worlds meet in California. Additionally, Vasquez also qualified for the Non-Drug Tested Worlds meet held in England.

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