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GCU Men’s Hockey Finishes Tryout Camp

GCU Men's Ice Hockey
September 14, 2021

Camp ends with intense Purple vs. Black scrimmages

By: Giovanni Hicks/ GCU Club Sports Writing Staff

“It’s intense. These guys are fighting for their jobs out there.” Lopes’ Head Coach Danny Roy

The Grand Canyon University Men’s Ice Hockey team is back in action. With the new season on the horizon, the Lopes went through a three-day tryout camp at their home rink, AZ Ice Arcadia, where players battled for roster spots. Their performances at the camp determined which of the three teams (Division 1, 2, or 3) they would be placed for the season.

In the tryout camp, all 96 registrants were broken up into six teams of 16 players. Each day of camp consisted of three intrasquad scrimmages amongst the teams while the coaching staff diligently observed the players to determine their roster fate.

“The first day went by a little slow, but after that, the energy picked up a lot,” said Roy. “You can see the passion and competitiveness out there. It’s exciting for us because it shows that our guys are determined to succeed this season.”

After the tryout camp, the D1 and D2 rosters were both split in half for official Purple versus Black intrasquad scrimmages Friday night, with the D2 game going down to the wire.

Hunter Fieweger scored two goals in the D2 matchup, while Kory Potach and Braden Husby matched that total in the D1 scrimmageof his own en route to the win.

“You could see how excited our players were to get back into competition,” said Roy. “These guys are giving it their all, and we’re looking forward to what we can do this season.”

As the selection process continues and official rosters are still being sorted out, the Lopes are preparing for a challenging season opener against Northern Arizona University on October 1 in Flagstaff.

“It’s going to be a test for us,” said Roy. “NAU has always played us hard and challenged us in our past matchups. It’s a perfect setup for us, and with the change in elevation playing in Flagstaff, it will also give us a sense of where our team’s endurance stands.”

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