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GCU CrossFit: 2019-20 Season Recap

Crossfit stretching
April 29, 2020

Competition and Community; Foundations for a Successful Season

By: Garrett Osterode/GCU Staff

Growth. Improvement. Community.  Building blocks for another bookmark year.

The 2019-20 Grand Canyon University CrossFit team expanded not only in their reach on campus, but immersed themselves in the surrounding CrossFit community as well. 

As the students returned to campus in the fall of 2019, the Lopes again partnered with CrossFit Uru (I-17 and Peoria in Phoenix) as their home gym for the season, quickly establishing a new sector within the CrossFit community.

“CrossFit is about more than just fitness and working out,” said Lopes’ CrossFit Vice President Chance Brown. “It represents a diverse community of people. We tried to bring that community to life this year, building relationships with each other through lifting learning the sport, all while having a good time.”

Some of those good times took place when the club participated in the annual, month-long CrossFit Open for the fourth consecutive time. It was a bit of an adjustment, since for the first time, the tournament started in mid-October instead of mid-February, giving the club less time to prepare. Nevertheless, the Lopes were still able to see how their squad measured up to athletes from across the world in weekly workouts designed to test their prowess. 

“As a club sport, the desire is to actually compete,” said Lopes’ President Carter Senechal. “The Open is our outlet every year to test our limits and see how we stack up.”

Standouts from the event included Conner MacConnell and Kalen Boardwire, who both finished towards the top of the Uru leaderboards. 

For the first time, the Lopes encouraged all members, regardless of skill, to train together in the same classes so that they had the chance to really come together and bond as a group. 

“[Training as a collective group] worked really well,” said Brown. “It was a lot of fun to see some of the more experienced athletes help and motivate those just starting out.”

It was this type of comradery and togetherness that has leadership encouraged about the future of the club and for what 2020 – and beyond – has to offer.

“CrossFit is an ever-growing sport,” said Brown. “It has spread throughout the world, and we are confident it will continue to spread right here on campus.”

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