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GCU Crossfit Heads into First Competition of the Year

February 22, 2019

By: K.J. Wylie/GCU Staff

“If you do your best, you’ll have the best possible outcome.”

That’s the mindset Lopes’ Head Crossfit Coach Grant Senechal has urged his team to carry as the Grand Canyon University Co-Ed Crossfit Club enters their first competition of the season. The 2019 Crossfit Open is a worldwide five-week event where athletes of all skill levels compete against one another in hopes of ranking on a national scale. Each week, the athletes will be scored on a specific workout, and at the end of the competition, their cumulative score will determine overall winners.

The specific workouts for each week are held in secret until the night prior of competition day. For the first week, GCU will test their abilities with a 15 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of 19 wall balls and 19 cal row. The “wall ball” workout is a squat with a medicine ball finished by throwing the ball into the air at a specific target. The “cal row” is a sit down machine that simulates rowing a boat back and forth.

Out of the 43 rostered members in the program, GCU expects to send at least 20 athletes this weekend to compete. With such a large number participating, Senechal spoke on how he handles the different expectations for each student.

“Some are nervous, some are doing it for fun, and some want to rank nationally,“ said Senechal. “It’s going to be a new experience – with each workout giving a chance for us to learn about ourselves and grow from it. Everyone will improve in some way and we should be happy about that.”

Because the events are announced on short notice, the club’s preparation must be flexible.

“You have to be ready for anything they give you,” said Senechal. “There are a few things like dumbbell workouts that have been coming up recently, and we incorporated them into training because of it. We train to be well-rounded.”

Week 1 of the Crossfit Open will be held on Sunday, February 24 at the Crossfit URU located in Phoenix. Grand Canyon will compete between 9 am and 1 pm.