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GCU Club Swimming Excited for New Practice Pool

Swimmer swimming freestyle down lane
July 3, 2019

By: Chase Gardiner/GCU Staff

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

Lopes’ Head Coach Jeremy Phung of the Grand Canyon University Club Swimming team is learning this firsthand as one of his longtime goals is finally coming to fruition. After years of vying for a club swimming facility on campus, Phung’s dedication has been rewarded as plans for an on-campus practice pool were recently made public. The proposed campus facility will be a six-foot deep, five-lane lap pool, outfitted with lane lines, flags and diving blocks, with a tentative completion date of sometime next month.

“Getting this pool means everything,” explained Phung. “Knowing that the school sees the benefit of having a lap pool for our team is really encouraging. It’ll also be very beneficial for the student body at large, as well as promoting further aquatic activities such as water polo or water aerobics.”

Phung understands that while the realization of his goals means the world to him, it means just as much to his athletes, who have worked tirelessly to prove that their team is worth a facility of their own.

“Every year, we’ve talked about what we need to do as a team to grow and show our consistency, in order to prove that we need a facility like this on campus,” said Phung. “Now the athletes get to see that all their work to achieve those goals has been recognized and rewarded.”

While the personal gratification of this achievement is clearly welcomed, the Lopes are perhaps more excited about the possibilities that this new pool will afford them.

“Having a facility like this will really open up our possibilities for training,” explained Phung. “We will be able to work on more things, like treading water and vertical kicking, which will just help to give our team an extra advantage moving forward. We’re even planning on starting a synchronized swimming team and water polo team as well.”

Always the visionary, Phung has already begun thinking about how this achievement will benefit athletes in the future.

“This facility should really help with recruiting in the future, since it’s a much more convenient facility for us to use than the YMCA that we currently practice at,” explained Phung. “Additionally, I’m really hoping that this pool will help the NCAA team start making a push for an on-campus facility so that GCU will someday have a full aquatics center.”

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