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GCU Club Sports Medicine Provides High Quality of Care

Club Sports Athletic Trainers
August 16, 2021

Elite resource sets Lopes’ club sports program apart

Sports related injuries, prehabilitation, rehabilitation, and physical therapy?

While these terms might be unfamiliar and confusing to most college students, Grand Canyon University Club Sports Medicine is equipped with a full staff of four certified athletic trainers to guide club sports’ student-athletes through their collegiate careers in a healthy manner.

“Most of the club sports programs at other universities around the country are also in charge of students involved in intramural and recreation programs,” said GCU Club Sports Assistant Athletic Trainer Jordan Nguyen. “We are fortunate to be able to focus primarily on our club sports athletes.” 

The athletic trainers not only give the club sports athletes their undivided attention, but they are also prepared to provide top-of-the-line treatment in the brand-new club sports athletic training room located in the Canyon Activities Center on the GCU campus.

“Many students do no end up using us as a resource because they think we are going to just give them an icebag and send them on their way,” said GCU Club Sports Head Athletic Trainer Deborah Carter. “That’s the biggest misconception, and we are trying to break that.”

When the treatment or medical care of the students goes beyond the services of sports medicine, rather than referring the students to the general health center on campus, GCU Club Sports works directly with a team of physicians who can even provide care on campus when needed.  

“We have a really good model set up with the physicians at Banner Health because they directly oversee GCU Club Sports Medicine,” said Nguyen. “Our affiliation with Banner Health allows for more efficiency and quality of care because we can do everything in-house.”

The athletic trainers add to this sense of personalized care by taking the time to create a strong rapport with the athletes.

“It is really important to build relationships with the student-athletes to the point where they trust me,” said Carter. “They are then more willing to tell me about minor physical issues they might be having, and I can prevent those bigger injuries from happening.”

At the end of the day, the athletes are eager to be competing, and the athletic trainers are eager to help make that a reality.

“We are there to get the athletes back as quickly as possible,” said Carter. “We do not want students trying to just push through injuries, so we are going to help them every step of the way.”

To learn more about GCU Club Sports Medicine, visit the informational page here!