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GCU Club Soccer Adapts to Virtual Workouts

Club soccer participates in virtual work outs
September 9, 2020

Lopes create online workouts to stay motivated, in shape

By: Julie Laugel/GCU Staff

Between online workout videos, using food cans as weights, or running outside in the heat, athletes and fitness enthusiasts have tried nearly everything to stay active and in shape with limited gym and equipment access over the summer.

The Grand Canyon University Men’s and Women’s Club Soccer teams are two of the numerous teams who have had to adapt their normal practices and workout plans to accommodate for social distancing and limited weight room access. The coaches created an online spreadsheet where the athletes can access the workouts and enter in their time or weight in order to keep track of their own as well as their teammates’ progress.

Utilizing her Bachelor of Science degree in exercise science from Grand Canyon University, Lopes’ Women’s Club Soccer Head Coach Hannah Bolton was able to create the women’s workout routines and modify them to focus on bodyweight exercises and to have limited equipment needed. For the men’s team, former student coach Sean Phelan helped create a fitness routine packet that Bolton transformed into a virtual spreadsheet.

The workouts are updated every two weeks, and each individual week has six different sets of exercises – with the focus of the exercises varying each day. Two days of the week are dedicated to both strength training and ball handling, while a third day is focused on conditioning and a fourth on speed and agility training. The well-rounded workouts help the athletes prepare for every aspect of the game, and a video of each exercise is included to demonstrate how to do everything properly.

The collaboration has encouraged athletes to motivate each other. Teammates who live in the same areas have begun meeting at parks or other socially distanced environments in order to complete the workouts together.

“It’s pretty cool to see relationships form before we’re even able to get together on campus,” said Bolton. “That was something that they suggested and wanted to do on their own, so it’s a good start to our team culture as well.”

Within the nearly forty athletes registered between the two teams, many shown a lot of progress and engagement throughout the process, including women’s team returners Shelby Carson and Megan Brines.

“Shelby has been a huge backbone to this program throughout the summer, and both she and Megan have put a lot of time and effort into the workouts – as well as in communicating and engaging their teammates,” said Bolton.

Although classes have now begun (virtually) at GCU, the two teams plan to continue to update and complete the virtual workouts until the start of practices in October.

Interested in GCU Club Soccer? Contact Head Coach Hannah Bolton for more information!