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GCU Club Golf Wins 2nd Straight NCCGA Spring Regional Crown

Co-Ed Golf Nationals Photo
April 5, 2019

By: Chase Gardiner/GCU Staff                                                

Despite almost a three month break from outside competition, the Grand Canyon University Club Golf team pieced together yet another successful outing, winning their second straight National Club Collegiate Golf Association (NCCGA) Spring Regional Tournament Sunday at Ken McDonald Golf Course in Tempe.  The Lopes’ “A” team finished in first place, with their “B” team close behind in third place.

While such continued success might be surprising to anyone on the outside looking in, Lopes Head Coach John Wasson has become accustomed to the consistency of his athletes.

“Sometimes we get lucky just by having a nice influx of talented players, but it’s also a result of the various qualifying events that we run,” explained Wasson. “These help keep everyone at the top of their game and prepared for upcoming competition.”

As Wasson acknowledged, the continued success of his team has been instrumental in attracting the type of talent necessary to keep the Lopes at the top of the leaderboard.

“Seeing both the A and B team finish in the top like this helps our team out a lot,” explained Wasson. “We have a really well-run social media campaign, and when our teams are able to continually showcase their talents, it makes it a lot easier to attract players who can help maintain that level of success in the future.”

While maintaining such impressive dominance is easier said than done, the Lopes have had no problems consistently duplicating their success.

“It boils down to staying focused and being in the moment, rather than becoming frustrated when you aren’t playing too well,” said Wasson. “I try to keep the team positive emotionally, without letting them get too overconfident.  They’ve also done a really great job of pushing one another, and not getting comfortable with where they are at.”

With such mindsets of consistency and continued growth, the Lopes will look to reproduce their success yet again.  GCU will travel to Antelope Hills Golf Course in Prescott this weekend to take part in the NCCGA Regional 2 competition. Follow the results by checking out the GCU Club Golf home page!

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