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GCU Club Beach Volleyball Welcomes New Head Coach

Club beach volleyball competes on the sand courts
October 30, 2018

By: Taylor Browne/GCU Staff

What sets apart a good coach from a great coach?

For new GCU Club Beach Volleyball Head Coach Chloe Jenkins, it is passion and energy.

GCU Club Volleyball Director Kristine Naber has seen plenty of both from Jenkins.

“Just the fact that she is so excited about the game of beach volleyball, still competes, and wants to teach the club athletes, shows her devotion to building the program,” Naber said. “She’s been around GCU for the last few years.  I coached her.  She knows my expectations and the culture that we want to build in club sports.  She has had experience in both indoor and beach volleyball at the highest level.”

GCU Club Beach Volleyball is starting its second year as a program and constantly growing, which goes along with the overall growth spurt of the sport—especially in Arizona.

“This sport is not big yet, but it is getting there,” Jenkins said. “I am excited to grow it and help student-athletes understand how to play. I want to see them not only in our GCU-led tournaments, but tournaments all over.”

As far as practice goes, Jenkins is starting from the ground up.

“We started with the basics the first few weeks,” Jenkins said. “We have done a lot of drills that have kept our focus on that, and we’re going on from there.”

Jenkins can now focus on upcoming tournaments such as hosting their first tournament in November.

“I am excited to get it started,” Jenkins said. “It is fun that we get to build a foundation and a culture in able to grow and develop the players. It also gives the players the opportunity to lead the team as well.”

And when the Lopes score their first point, the adrenaline that Jenkins had as a player will likely bubble up again.

“I still get the same excitement when I would get a point in college, and I feel the same excitement when my players do,” Jenkins said.

“That part hasn’t changed.”

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