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GCU Club Archery Finally Competes in The Vegas Shoot

Club Archery team photo
April 21, 2021

Lopes make mark in “Most Prestigious Tournament in World”

By: Zach Melcher/GCU Club Sports Writing Staff

The arrows finally flew.

After numerous pandemic-related setbacks to their 2020-21 season, four archers from the Grand Canyon University Archery team finally got the chance to compete in the 2021 National Field Archery Association Virtual Vegas Shoot Championship. The tournament consisted of 3 rounds of 10 ends with 3 arrows per end and a maximum score of 300 per round. However, the Lopes never got close to the Arizona-Nevada border, competing virtually from their practice area at the Lopes Performance Center on the GCU campus.

The joy of finally competing was compounded for Lopes’ archers Katie Turner and Fletcher Bennett, since it was their first time participating in an official tournament.

“Shooting in the Vegas tournament was one of the highlights of the year,” said Turner. “It was exciting to train for a new opportunity like Vegas. As a bowhunter, my level of competition was limited between my family with 3D targets in the ourdoors.”

Turner ended the tournament in Bowhunter Flight 3 placing 147th out of 243. Bennett also finished in Bowhunter Flight 3 placing 177th.

“I can’t tell you how good it felt to be competing with my friends and celebrating our accomplishments as a team,” said Turner. “I’m looking forward to continue my training for tournaments in the future.”

Another standout for the Lopes was Sequoia Ayers, who broke the 200-point barrier during her round using a barebow-style setup. Ayers finished in Barebow Flight 2, placing 103rd out of 162.

Lopes’ student leader Isabel Hansemann had an impressive finish in Compound Flight 4 placing 273rd out of 800, but was as proud that her teammates stood next to her in competition as she was about her accomplishments.

“Getting the opportunity to compete virtually was actually a huge blessing and a great opportunity for our team,” said Hansemann. “I hope that in the future we get to compete in a true tournament setting, because it felt great to be on the shooting line again shooting arrows and submitting scores.”

The Lopes’ comprehensive results are below:

Name of Archer Division Place Official Score
Sequoia Ayers Barebow Flight 2 (#103) 578/900
Fletcher Bennett Bowhunter Flight 3 (#177) 803/900
Isabel Hansemann Compound Free Style Flight 4 (#273) 878/900
Katie Turner Bowhunter Flight 3 (#147) 827/900

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