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GCU Club Acapella Performs at Arizona Collegiate Acapella Festival

April 16, 2018

By: Ruby Arani/ GCU Staff

Just like that, the curtain closes on another season of acapella.

The Grand Canyon University Club Acapella attended and performed at the annual Arizona Collegiate Acapella Festival (ACAF)-hosted at the University of Arizona this past Saturday.

The ACAF is an annual event for college acapella clubs to come together to learn new techniques, create a stronger team bond and perform unique sets. Around 150 singers were in attendance from this weekend representing GCU, U of A, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. The festival kicked off with seminars related to different areas of acapella such as: beatboxing, vocal percussion, song arrangements, microphone techniques and more.

“The seminars were very helpful,” said Lopes’ Head Coach Philip Carr. “We came here to learn, and our students participated in large parts. They were so eager to take in some or all that they could from the seminars.”

After the seminars, each university’s acapella club prepared for a finale concert. Both of Club Acapella’s groups, Acalopella and the Basic Pitches, performed two of their own unique mash-ups.

“GCU Club Acapella sung exceptionally well,” said Carr. “They were certainly on par with the other ensembles. The materials and arrangements that we created were exceptional. Both groups were very well-perceived from the crowd.”

“Most importantly, our students just had a blast.”

 Future in the Making

During the weekend, there was a discussion about potentially expanding or creating more acapella events throughout the state-with the help of all the universities in attendance. One of those potential events would be a create a true acapella competition, with rules, judges and awards, that the Arizona collegiate acapella community could possibly see this in coming year.

Carr sees the potential expansion, as not only a great opportunity for GCU Club Acapella but also for the university itself. “There is great possibility that GCU could host the ACAF, next spring,” remarked Carr. “As our club continues to grow, with more groups to perform and the use of the quality of GCU facilities, GCU would be a great candidate to host the ACAF in the future.”

Carr could certainly afford to ponder the possibilities of the future after watching the club’s growth in 2017-18.

“GCU needs more than just one sound of acapella,” said Carr. “I think we have been able to achieve that this year. The students really took to the idea of club acapella, and have taken great initiative that will continue into next year.”

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