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GCU Club Acapella Opens Spring with Valentine’s Showcase

Club Acapella
February 22, 2018

By: Ruby Arani/ GCU Staff

The lights shined bright on the stage as joyful noise filled the air.

The joyful noise was came from the Grand Canyon University Club Acapella, who opened the spring season with a Valentine’s themed showcase.

The hour-long showcase displayed the wide variety of talent that Club Acapella holds. The nearly-packed house enjoyed solos, group performances, a barber shop quartet and an original song performance by Lopes’ freshmen Logan Myers and Chris Calderon-better known as Land and Sea.

“The purpose of the Valentine’s Showcase was to allow the talent that is inside our club to be broadcasted as well as to remind people that love does not only need to be showcased on one day,” said the president of GCU Acapella, Lopes’senior Nursing major Zipporah Anderson.

The Club Acapella put on a magical evening for the audience at GCU Thunderground to not only display the club’s talent, but to begin the preparation process for the an annual event hosted at the University of Arizona in Tucson in April for teams around the state to gather, learn and perform in acapella.

“I’m looking forward to seeing other singing styles and learning while in Tucson,” said Anderson.  “I’m also looking forward to the opportunity of showing that even though our club is fairly new, we have so much talent to showcase.”

The GCU Club Acapella will host another spring showcase to continue their preparation for ACAF. “Without all of the hard work and dedication none of the things that we do would be possible,” said Anderson.


Love to sing? Contact Lopes’ Head Coach Philip Carr for more information.