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GCU Bowling Program Adds Partnership with Glenfair Lanes

October 5, 2017

Quickly growing men’s and women’s teams add longtime Glendale bowling alley to list of partners

It’s nice to have a home. It’s even better to have two.

With the always-busy Thunder Alley on the GCU campus as their main hub, the Grand Canyon men and women’s bowling teams have proudly announced a partnership with Glenfair Lanes in Glendale as an additional home base. “Glenfair has been really welcoming to us,” remarked GCU Head Bowling Coach Ben Canfield. “It just gives us another place to come and hone each bowler’s skills.”

It’s a union that began over time last winter as Canfield and several of his bowlers began frequenting the Glendale alley, so by the time the official subject of a partnership was broached a couple of weeks ago, it wasn’t difficult to make it happen. “We have a ton of the (GCU players) coming in to our lanes already,” said Glenfair Lanes proprietor Jason Lucero. “I haven’t really thought about what it does for us, but rather wanted to focus on recognition for the kids. I bowled in high school, and wanted to help out there, but that just didn’t work. When I found out that it’s at the college level, and had the opportunity to help GCU, it made sense. I’m really looking forward to it.”

The Lopes’ bowlers will have ample opportunities to use the center for team and individual practice to help improve their individual games. In addition, while the teams prepare for their first official event of the 2017-18 season-a “grudge match” against Arizona State University next week-Canfield says that practicing at both the event site, Thunder Alley, and Glenfair will provide the bowlers a much-needed facet for their skills. “We go to different bowling centers across the country through the year, so it’s important to learn how to adapt to different lane conditions,” Canfield pointed out. “Even just the different lane types (in different alleys) can impact how you need to attack, so being in two different places every week is important so that we can see a variety of different challenges.” Glenfair Lanes is located on 59th Avenue just north of Bethany Home Road in Glendale.

The Lopes have a little over a week before hosting the Sun Devil men’s and women’s bowling teams in the grudge match, which happens Friday, October 13, beginning at 5 pm at Thunder Alley on the GCU campus. Admission to the event is free.