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GCU Acapella Club Looking Forward to the New Season

August 22, 2017

By: Ruby Arani/ GCU Staff

Have you wondered where that joyful noise was coming from at Grand Canyon University? More than likely you are hearing the GCU acapella club!

Last season, more than 70 students came to auditions to be placed on the GCU acapella club. This time around the acapella club is expected to see those numbers rise due to the growing interest in acapella. Phillip Carr, who is in his second year as the GCU acapella club head coach, sees that the 2017-18 season as a year to grow and diversify the program.

“I am looking forward to building upon the successes we had last year,” said Carr. “I want to utilize some of the personnel we had last year as student leaders to maximize their potential.”

With student participation numbers growing, Carr is looking to transform the GCU acapella club.

“I am looking forward to diversifying this year by doing some large group as well as some small group performances.”

The new groups will allow students to learn new music, compose songs and grow as performers. Creating the groups early in the season will allow students to have the opportunity to perform at sporting events and showcases put on by GCU.

“By forming these groups very early on and having target dates, the students will be able to begin performing as early as possible,” said Carr.

“One of my favorite things about coaching the GCU acapella club is the diverse population I get to coach,” he said. “Students with all different musical backgrounds come and audition to be a part of acapella club. With such a diverse population it allows the GCU acapella club to create these groups to enhance each student’s ability and provide them the opportunity to perform.”