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GCU Acapella Club: Q & A with Land & Sea

Acapella Club
July 12, 2018

By: Ruby Arani/ GCU Staff

Imagine an acoustic guitar playing a soulful beat. Soon a soulful voice joins in to begin a love ballad.

“Baby, you, you’re perfect to me.”

This image can help describe the first recorded song, “Perfect to Me”, written and performed by Grand Canyon University Acapella Club’s own Logan Myers and bandmate Chris Calderon, better known as the group Land & Sea.

I recently sat down with Land & Sea to find out more about the soulful dynamic duo and where we could see them next.

Ruby Arani: Tell me how Land & Sea came together.
Land & Sea: Land & Sea began after Logan and I (Chris) started making music for fun. We first met at the beginning of our freshmen year at GCU, and instantly began writing songs together. We didn’t decide to actually become a band until sometime around January, but we had written about three to four songs by then.

RA: Why did you two pick the name Land & Sea?
L&S: At first our names was going to be L and C for our initials. Then we realized “L and” spelled “Land”, and “C” could be changed to “Sea”. So we decided on naming our duet Land & Sea.

RA: Describe Land & Sea’s music and style.
L&S: Land and Sea’s music is a mix between R&B, Neo-Soul/Jazz Fusion, and Pop/Singer-Songwriter. Logan writes most of the lyrics, and I write and produce the music. Because of that, all of our songs have a very different style and feel.

RA: What inspired the two of you to write your song, “Perfect to Me”?
L&S: “Perfect To Me” was one of the first songs we wrote, and we wrote it in the span of one day. I just started playing chords, and Logan came up with lyrics for it instantly. Most of our songs are written that way.

RA: Do you guys record your songs on the GCU campus?
L&S: Both Logan and I are Worship Arts majors, which allows us to use the GCU Recording Studio and practice rooms. All of our recordings are made in the studio at GCU.

RA: Where can we see Land & Sea performing at?
L&S: As of now, social media is our main platform. However, we occasionally performed at GCU’s Java Jam, Worship Arts showcase, and we have performed at a Club Acapella Showcase. We plan on playing shows at venues around Phoenix in the coming months.

RA: What are the hopes and dreams of Land & Sea?
L&S: We want to grow Land & Sea to the point where we can play shows around the country and consistently put out music. We are still just starting out and trying to figure out our sound and style.

RA: Logan, what made you want to join the GCU Acapella Club?
Logan Myers: I heard about Acapella Club through (Lopes Head) Coach (Philip) Carr. Lopes’ Head Coach Philip Carr. He was one of my teachers for my Worship Arts major. He said the group would be singing pop music. This was something I was not used to, since I had been in choir for six years, and only sang choral music with groups. I was excited to try something different, so I joined.

RA: What aspect do you like about being a part of the GCU Acapella Club?
LM: I like that it is mostly student-led. My input is heard and important. We work together as a group, because we need to in order to perform well. This creates deep, meaningful relationships.

RA: Do you think being a part of the GCU Acapella Club helps you with Land & Sea?
LM: Being a part of the Acapella Club has built my confidence, expanded my music knowledge, and enhanced my abilities to find interesting and different harmonies. Most importantly, it has taught me how to work well with a group, and how to collaborate.

Interested in GCU Club Acapella? Contact Head Coach Philip Carr today!