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GCU Acapella Club: First Showcase of the Season

Acapella Club
November 20, 2018

By: Ruby Arani/ GCU Staff

The purple lights shined bright upon the Grand Canyon University Acapella Club’s who performed their first showcase of the season in front of a packed house at GCU’s Thunder Ground on Tuesday, November 13. The night was filled with talent from across the board and a farewell to a special member.

The GCU Acapella Club introduced four new groups to the audience; Note Worthy, Pop Rocks, Defying Melody and Tone Commandments who all performed fun and unique mashups. Established group A Caloppella performed two mashups during the night followed by ThunderAlley Boys, the club’s very own barber shop quarter, sang such crowd favorites as Down Lopes Way and sweet melodies to some lucky ladies in the front row. The club closed out the showcase with a farewell to the club’s president, senior Eddy Mahler, who is graduating from GCU this December with his Bachelor of Arts in Worship Arts with an Emphasis in Media and Production Ministry.

“The showcase was great, a positive outcome overall,” said Mahler. “This was my first showcase that I planned from start to finish. Luckily, I had support from the other student leaders: Chase Gray, Sedona Tracey and (Lopes Head) Coach Philip Carr.”

“I am going to be a little biased for my favorite performance of the showcase,” said Mahler. “I am very proud of my own group, A Caloppella. This is our second year as a group, and the fact that we have done new songs every showcase is a source of pride for me.”

Mahler is from Lake Havasu City and has been a part of Acapella Club since his freshman year. Mahler was elected as the club’s president, and with the help of his fellow student leaders, they created a new student leadership dynamic. Before his term is up as president, Mahler is finalizing some few things to make sure the club is in good hands.

Last month, GCU was selected to host the upcoming Arizona Collegiate A Cappella Festival (AZAF) in the spring. Mahler is spending the rest of his club presidency establishing a finalized date and other administrative tasks to make sure AZAF is all ready to go in the spring.

For his final showcase and semester, Mahler set a new tone for the Acapella Club, and is passing on the reins to his fellow student leaders.

“I am really excited to see where the club goes from here,” said Mahler. “I am really hoping to come back next year and see that Note Worthy, Pop Rocks, Defying Melody, Tone Commandments and A Caloppella are still going strong. I would love to see more groups be formed in the future as the club continues to grow.”

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