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GCU Acapella Club Attends Arizona Acapella Festival

November 8, 2017

By: Ruby Arani/ GCU Staff

For Lopes junior Noelle Anderson, the Arizona Acapella Festival opened her eyes to the world of acapella. “I just joined the club and I was able to bond with the other group members, and see what acapella is all about,” said Anderson. “I had no idea there was so much to more to the world of acapella. After Saturday, I am inspired to practice more, become a better singer and push myself farther in acapella.”

Anderson and the rest of the Grand Canyon University Acapella Club attended the Arizona Acapella Festival hosted at Arizona State University on November 4. The festival was an all-day event aimed to provide acapella clubs the opportunity to learn, improve and perform their new skills.

The Arizona Acapella Festival – hosted by Priority Male, an ASU acapella group- welcomed acapella from Grand Canyon University, Northern Arizona University, University of Arizona, high schools around the state and professional acapella groups. The festival included acapella seminars, director swaps, meet-and-greets, and the festival ended with a concert of the different acapella groups in attendance.

“The students were able to listen to experts at seminars on different topics such as beat boxing, vocal rhythm, ranging, fundraising and more,” said Lopes head coach Philip Carr.

“The Arizona Acapella Festival was a great experience,” said Lopes junior Kelvea Coleman. “The whole Arizona Acapella community is a family, there is a sense of comfortability,” she added. “The most helpful was the workshops that taught different things. I have never beat boxed a day in my life, but I think with practice I could be really good at it. I didn’t even think I would like beat boxing. It was a great day.”

The new skills and knowledge the club gained from the festival will pave the way for future performances and opportunities for the Lopes.