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GCU Esports Arena

The GCU Esports Arena

Home to GCU Esports Club

Featuring high-end gaming PCs with i9 CPUs and RTX-series graphics cards, student Discord access, luxury gaming chairs, a tournament viewing area and current generation consoles stationed around the facility, the GCU Esports Arena provides one of the best gaming experiences in the country. Home to the GCU Esports Club, the Esports Arena provides a competitive and welcoming virtual space where students connect, compete and grow as a team using the latest in gaming technology.

Among the amenities featured in the Esports Arena:

  • High-end gaming desktops and numerous console stations of the current generation
  • The newest releases and latest console exclusives on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo platforms
  • Tournament viewing area to watch exciting matches on a big screen
  • An accessible premium experience; pricing is by the hour with affordable rates compared to other LAN centers

The Esports Arena now includes a varsity competition and training module with full production capabilities for all streaming platforms and features 72 high-performance gaming desktop stations. Recent renovations also include a restructured console area with an attached lounge space, perfect for doing homework or hanging out with friends.

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