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GCU eSports Rocket League Team Finishes Top 20

March 22, 2018

By: K.J. Wylie/GCU Staff

The Grand Canyon University eSports program features a rocket league team in the College Carball Association. The league features schools from around the country competing in a tier two level, one below a professional level. So far, the Lopes have participated in two Carball tournaments, and placed 24th and 17th out of 79 teams.

In their most recent tournament, the Lopes beat Wentworth institute of Technology and Florida Tech University before losing to the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

“Team synergy was a strength. We click well as a unit,” said Lopes’ eSports team captain Evan Jackson. “Rocket League is a rotational game, and we do a very good job of moving the ball around.”

While many of the players on the team including Jackson wish to turn professional in their gaming careers, they all know it starts with making a name for themselves at Grand Canyon. The next opportunity to do so will be at the next College Carball Tournament on March 24th.

“Composure is extremely important,” said Jackson.  “We have to be able to remain calm and stick to the mechanics of game play. We’re getting better every tournament, and we want to keep the trend going.  We want to prove that GCU isn’t just another school.”

All eSports events are currently held on the upper level of GCU Thunderground on the GCU campus. The Rocket League tournament will be begin at noon Saturday afternoon. Admission to the event is FREE.

Those interested in joining eSports should contact Lopes’ Head Coach Chris Unquera.