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GCU Running Club: Running for a Great Cause

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March 21, 2019

Lopes Earn Three Top Five Finishes in Age Groups at Run to Fight Children’s Cancer

By: Taylor Browne/GCU Staff

It’s all about running for a cause.  

The Grand Canyon University Running Club participated in the 9th Annual GCU Run to Fight Children’s Cancer – which spanned the entire GCU campus – on Saturday. The Lopes placed three runners in the top five of their respective age groups in what was the second year participating in the largest race in Arizona that is dedicated to raising awareness for pediatric cancer.

“The kids are always improving in their times,” said Lopes’ Head Coach Kim Sims. “They have all gotten faster, grown, and developed in different races and distances. They like to challenge themselves and have learned to make running a part of their lifestyle.”

The GCU Run to Fight Children’s Cancer is an annual event hosted at the GCU campus. All of the proceeds go towards bringing awareness and funding towards children’s cancer awareness. The race has attracted thousands of runners to participate, give back and support the lifesaving treatment at Phoenix Children’s hospital.

“Running for a cause makes it that much more enjoyable,” said Sims. “You get to give to somebody else and gives you something to train for. The kids love to pick the races that give back and support a cause.”

Lopes’ Jenna Miller won the 5k (3.1 miles) race, finishing out of 737 runners. Miller finished with an impressive time of 20:49 with a 6:42 minute pace.

For Miller, this race had a special meaning.

Miller was not only running for a cause, but also running for her brother who had battled with cancer. Not far behind Miller were her parents who also participated in the race.  

“It was really cool to know that I was actively doing something to help,” said Miller. “My brother had cancer and this race impacted me directly. I got to run with my parents. Even if they were a little bit behind me, they were still having fun. Running is something we’ve always done together and it was cool having them there at one of my races.”

GCU had several booths set up, games for the kids and tributes to children who are currently battling cancer.

“It was a super positive environment that celebrated life,” said Miller. “Everyone was upbeat and excited to be there and race.”

GCU Running Club Run to Fight Children’s Cancer Results

Ryan McQuillan

10K M16-19 5th 39:25
Julia Allen

10K F18-24 3rd 46:06
Jenna Miller

5K F18-24 1st 20:49
Brittany Wagner
5K F20-24 124th 35:12

GCU Running Club: Kiss Me I’m Irish Race

GCU Running Club also had runners participating in the Kiss Me I’m Irish race on Saturday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Lopes’ Samuel Anderson, Faith Blackburn, and Elizabeth McMillan all finished in the top twenty finishes in their age group.

GCU Running Club Kiss Me I’m Irish Results

Samuel Anderson
Half Marathon M20-24 18th 1:38:11
Faith Blackburn

Half Marathon F15-19 12th 1:40:11
Elizabeth McMillan

8K F15-19 7th 40:35

Interested in running around GCU? Visit GCU to learn more about campus and events!