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GCU Powerlifting sets records in Tucson

Jimmy Vasquez Squatting
February 27, 2020

By: Mack Drake/GCU Staff

In its first season as a club sport, the Grand Canyon University Powerlifting team continues to impress.

The Lopes traveled to Tucson last weekend for the 2020 United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Drug Tested Arizona Open and set multiple records.

Jimmy Vasquez, Jacob Mares and Franky Hobbick were the three powerlifters representing GCU at the event.

Vasquez competed in the drug-tested Arizona state junior men’s division at 308 pounds. He squatted 573.2 pounds, bench pressed 425 pounds, deadlifted 655.9 pounds for a total lifting session of 1,654.1 pounds. Vasquez’s deadlift and bench press were junior men’s records.

Mares competed in the same event at 148 pounds, squatting 319 pounds, bench-pressing 237 pounds and deadlifting 429 pounds for a total tonnage of 985 pounds. All four lifts were state records in the 148-pound division.

Hobbick competed at 220 pounds in the state junior men’s 18-19-year-old division, where he squatted 430 pounds, bench-pressed 225 pounds, deadlifted 567 pounds for a total lifting session of 1,222 pounds. Hobbick’s deadlift was a junior state record.

All three athletes qualified for the USPA Drug Tested National Championship in June.

GCU’s next meet will be The Lumberjack on Saturday, March 7 in Flagstaff.

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