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GCU Powerlifting Hosts Meet on Campus for first time

GCU Powerlifting
August 17, 2021

Lopes’ Head Coach Vasquez sets national records for all lifts

By: Giovanni Hicks/ GCU Club Sports Writing Staff

“The environment was incredible,” said Lopes’ Head Coach Jimmy Vasquez. “Being that it was our first meet at GCU, the support was overwhelming and much appreciated.”

Vasquez and the Grand Canyon University Powerlifting Club collaborated with Preacher Power Barbell Club to bring a powerlifting meet to the GCU campus of the first time. The United States Powerlifting Association Drug Tested Phoenix Rising event was held in the Canyon Activities Center this past weekend.

This event was a great way to expand the sport – not only for GCU, but for the Valley as a whole,” said Vasquez.

The two-day, public event featured a wide variety of over 50 lifters whose ages ranged from 13 to 80 years old.

“One of the reasons I started doing these public events is to see all the unique people from different backgrounds compete,” said Preacher Power Barbell Club Co-founder Malinda Barnes. “Bringing a diverse group of people into a comfortable and supportive environment is one of the great things about this sport.”

Vasquez represented the Lopes well with his performance, taking first place and setting multiple national records. On the first day of the event, competing in the Single-Ply Open Men’s 308-pound division, Vasquez squatted 705.5 pounds, bench pressed 567.9 pounds, and deadlifted 677.9 pounds for a whopping total of 1,951.3 pounds across all lifts. Vasquez’ performance surpassed national records in his division for all three lift categories and total weight.

“I felt great out there,” said Vasquez. “I loved how this event turned out and I can’t wait to host another meet here on campus.”

That wait won’t be too long as Preacher Power has already scheduled future meets on GCU’s campus in the fall – including the USPA Femme Fatale Women’s Meet on September 25 which will also be held at the CAC.

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