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GCU Esports taps Shannon as program’s first League of Legends head coach

February 28, 2020

By Mack Drake/GCU Staff

The Grand Canyon University Esports Program officially has its League of Legends coach.

With the spring season about to get underway, the Lopes have hired Sean Shannon to lead their up-and-coming varsity League of Legends team. Shannon is the first League of Legends head coach in school history, and joins Overwatch Head Coach Justen Johns as the two Esports coaches at GCU.

The Lopes play in the College League of Legends (cLoL) season, with matches taking place every Saturday until March 1.

GCU Esports Program Coordinator Albert Lee and his team believed now was the time to bring in a coach to steer the Lopes into the upcoming cLoL playoffs.

“We have a very talented and young League of Legends team,” Lee said. “We wanted to recognize the players and give them feedback through a coach.”

Hailing from Texas, Shannon is no stranger to the world of Esports.

Shannon has experience coaching on the high school and college level, leading teams in multiple games and experience levels.

“Having coached college players in the past, his knowledge of the game and overall strategy is quite good,” Lee said. “He knows how to manage players and get the best out of them.”

Lee added that hiring a coach will take some pressure and responsibility off the players, giving them room to focus on their skills and teamwork.

In addition to piloting GCU’s varsity League of Legends team, Shannon will help coach the junior varsity and academy squads. Lee expects the League of Legends teams to be involved in many tournaments this spring.

“We’re expecting him to come in and provide strong leadership for the team,” Lee continued. “Having students lead the team, set up practice times and handle most of the day-to-day responsibilities of the team is great, but it can only go so far. Providing a consistent structure is key, and having a coach around to lead will do that.”

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