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GCU CrossFit Completes Five-Week CrossFit Open

November 14, 2019

By: Garrett Osterode/GCU Staff

More than a month of nationwide competition is now complete.

The 2019 CrossFit Open was an opportunity for GCU CrossFit to continue their growth and enhance their competitive spirits.

CrossFit competitors from across the country participated in the annual CrossFit Open over the past five weeks in hopes in qualifying for the 2020 CrossFit Games. On the other hand, the Lopes looked at it as an opportunity to grow as a team and build a competitive spirit.

“A lot of our members have been doing CrossFit for a long time, but have never competed,” said Lopes’ Club President Carter Senechal. “As a club sport, the desire is to actually compete. That is what the Open gives us an opportunity to do.”

GCU CrossFit used a common practice among beginner-to-intermediate level athletes called scaling.  Rather than completing the full workouts constructed by the CrossFit Games, the workouts were tailored to each athlete’s skill set. 

“We were really successful using the scale,” said Senechal.  “It gave us an opportunity to give 100% and not worry about the workouts being too challenging.”

A few on the GCU team stood out and shined in their first opportunity to compete. Conner MacConnell, in his first Open, decided not to scale and completed each of the workouts. Another standout was Kalen Boardwire, who not only was one of the top competitors but also brought the tenacity, and was interested in being a part of the team and community. 

CrossFit, as a sport, is famously known for having a strong community, and according to Senechal, the Open was another opportunity to grow as a club.

“Our people really enjoy being together,” said Senechal. “Most of the team would be there on Thursday to practice and on Sunday to compete. Everyone being there to cheer each other on was so cool to see.”

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