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GCU Club Tennis Finishes 6th at Southwest Section Championships

Tennis ball on the court
March 5, 2020

By: Taylor Browne/GCU Staff

It’s about making the most of every situation.

The Grand Canyon University Club Tennis team competed in the Southwest Section Championships for a third straight year in Tucson Feb. 21. Due to unfortunate weather conditions, an entire round was cut out of the tournament. The Lopes’ ‘A’ team placed sixth overall.

“We are surprisingly just as strong as last year,” said Lopes Head Coach Ed Prudhomme. “We were heavily laden with seniors last year and had lots of experience. This year, we have been blessed to have an influx of several very good freshmen players that have performed very well.”

Both the Lopes’ ‘A’ team and ‘B’ team competed in the event. The ‘A’ team finished eighth, while the ‘B’ team placed 10th in their bracket.

“Our ‘A’ team was somewhere in the top five to seven range, and our B team was in the nine to 11 range,” said Prudhomme. “So we kind of played to our seed.”

The Lopes ‘A’ team went 1-1 the tournament, playing teams such as University of Arizona ‘C’ team and Arizona State University ‘B’ team. The Lopes were defeated by the Sun Devils, 29-18, but then topped the Wildcats, 30-18.

“All the experience they got this season will definitely help us in the coming years,” said Prudhomme. “We have been emphasizing our doubles play as our central focus this year, and the group is making great progress.”

The Lopes ‘B’ team also went 1-1 in the tournament with a win against University of New Mexico (28-16) and a loss to ASU’s ‘C’ team (25-24), placing 10th overall.

“Our two senior captains (Zach Frampton and Alyssa Heid) deserve a good amount of credit this year in helping out with all the young players we have on the team,” said Prudhomme. “They both have not only performed well on the court this year, but have been great leaders, and have assisted me in bringing all the new players up to speed.”

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