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GCU Acapella Club Singer Spotlight: Sedona Tracey

June 6, 2019

By: Ruby Arani/ GCU Staff

Do it with passion or not at all.

The statement above describes the Grand Canyon University Acapella Club’s outgoing president, senior Sedona Tracey, to a T. Every time she gets on stage – from singing the National Anthem at GCU sporting events or demanding the stage at an Acapella Club showcase – Tracey radiates passion.

“The truth is that I love being on stage and sharing my passion with those around me,” said Tracey.

Her passion pushed her to become the club president this past fall, leading the club and having a large hand in planning the Arizona A Cappella Festival (AZAF) that GCU hosted for the first time in April.

At a young age, Tracey found her passion of singing and performing.

“I have been singing on stages since I was 11 years old,” said Tracey. “I began my journey at Arizona Broadway Theater in their summer and fall programs, and moved to Desert Foothills Theater (in Scottsdale) from there. I was blessed to win the 2014-15 Arizona State Cinderella Teen title. During my reign, I was able to travel across this beautiful state of Arizona while performing in numerous cities.”

Tracey joined the Acapella Club in 2017, when a friend told her about a club offering the opportunity to perform.

“I was so happy to hear that GCU offered a club for singing and that it was taken so seriously,” Tracey said.  “The fact that GCU has elevated the club to be a part of club sports is amazing. I love being able to tell people that GCU honors a cappella as a true sport!”

Her time at GCU culminated with one of the club’s biggest performances to date in early April.  The AZAF invited acapella clubs from all four major Arizona universities, and combined them with a pair of high school groups from southern Arizona, and made an all-day event out of it.  The festival held seminars at the Colangelo College of Business in the afternoon, then moved to the Canyon Activity Center for a mini-concert that showcased all of the groups together and separately.  It was a semester full of planning by Tracey and the club’s student leaders to make successful enough that the other schools have already requested that GCU host it again next year.

The success of it just validated what Tracey was hoping for.

“My personal goals for AZAF included putting GCU’s name on the radar of Arizona a cappella groups as an up-and-coming team that intends to spread joy and love with our music, creating a day where fabulous memories can be made with fellow singers who are passionate about performance, and allowing new connections and friendships to be made,” Tracey said just days before the event.

As she moves on, Tracey has some words of wisdom for her fellow underclassmen.

“I advise my underclassmen to join clubs, participate in the activities that GCU hosts every single day, and to find good friends to hang out with,” noted Tracey. “There are more clubs on GCU’s campus than anyone could imagine. There is something for everyone.”

As well as something to give back.

“Oh!  And one more thing:  volunteer!” Tracey added.  “GCU is the only school I know of with such an enormous number of ministries and ways to get involved in God’s work in our surrounding community.”

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