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GCU Club Acapella packs Thunder Alley for Fall Showcase

November 26, 2019

By: Garrett Osterode/GCU Staff

“Unity and harmony.”

Under bright lights and in front of a packed Thunder Alley on the GCU campus, the Lopes shined. 

The GCU Club Acapella team hosted their annual Fall Showcase on Tuesday, Nov. 19 to a sold-out crowd on campus at Thunder Alley. It was the culmination of months of hard work being displayed for the student body to witness. 

For the event, the Lopes split into small groups based on similar interests and talent levels, and were assigned to compose and choreograph their own mash-up of their choosing for the performance. Each group was able to showcase their talents in front of an audience as they prepare for national and regional competition in the spring.

“[The Fall Showcase] has become a landmark event for us,” said GCU Club Acapella Director Philip Carr.  “It has become such a fun thing for the students.”

Carr and the club members realize that while there were no trophies to be won at this showcase, an event like this has the ability to give you the confidence needed to take that next step on a national level.

“We are building on everything we have done so far,” said Carr. “We can learn from previous years, but especially from this showcase.”

Carr could also not be more delighted with the progress of the club’s personnel and their cohesiveness.

“At times, it can be dicey to work with artists, but this year, I could not have asked for a better group,” Carr said. “This is our strongest year yet – not just numbers-wise, but talent as well. Our students are learning how to maximize their talents for the well-being of the group. We are not only learning to be great singers but learning to be great adults.”

Now, GCU Club Acapella essentially starts over. The groups will be reassigned as the club prepares for the 2020 ICCA West Quarterfinals in Tempe in early February to take on the likes of Arizona State University, the University of Arizona and the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. 

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