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GCU CrossFit Hosts Annual ‘Fright Night’

Crossfit dress up
November 8, 2019

By: Garrett Osterode/GCU Staff

When you think of Halloween, you usually think of candy and scary costumes.  That isn’t quite the case for GCU CrossFit, who participated in their annual ‘Fright Night’ Friday.

While the costumes were certainly scary, GCU CrossFit club president Carter Senechal and company were much more focused on their Clean and Jerk rather than a Snickers bar. 

“It is so fun getting our group together around Halloween time for our ‘Fright Night’,” Senechal said.  “While it is fun to get dressed up in costumes, it really allows for everyone to get in the competitive spirit.”

The CrossFit team was hosted by CrossFit URU, who has been a gracious partner gym all season long, for first a potluck, then a 2-leg competition – one that featured a typical CrossFit Open style workout and a one-rep-max of Clean and Jerk. 

While the end results haven’t been the main goal of GCU CrossFit, some of the members have taken a liking to the competitive nature of the sport.

“It is cool to see the competitive side of the team,” Senechal said. “Some of the guys are really growing that desire to compete and I am really encouraged by it.”

GCU CrossFit will finish up with the final leg of the five-week CrossFit Open this weekend at CrossFit URU on Sunday, Nov. 10 at 7:30pm.