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The Grand Canyon University Ultimate Frisbee club was founded in response to the increasing popularity of the sport on campus. The team allows members to learn and compete in a non-traditional sport while also allowing them to be part of a rising campus program. The club mainly plays in tournaments during its season in the spring and competes against a variety of teams throughout the USA Ultimate organization.

The goal of this program is to grow and develop new GCU players in order to prepare them to compete at regional and national levels. The ultimate Frisbee club is looking to expand with more players who want to compete with the team.

GCU Ultimate Frisbee Club Schedule

Showing 2017-2018

Day Date   Opponent/Details Location Time Score
Saturday 10/21/2017 Plan-B Tournament Tucson 8:00 AM TBA
vs Plan-B Tournament
Sunday 10/22/2017 Plan-B Tournament Tucson 8:00 AM TBA
vs Plan-B Tournament

GCU Ultimate Frisbee Club Roster

  • Adrian Aguilar
  • Justice Akerson
  • Austin Anderson
  • Michael Aper
  • Adam Barth
  • Megan Bennett
  • Timothy Blanton
  • Jake Dibley
  • Diana Doan
  • Brett Erikson
  • Reylene Finai
  • Grant Goodman
  • Micah Gross
  • Elizabeth Hanke
  • JT Henderson
  • Leah Heneveld
  • Zechariah Heneveld
  • Ben Hoppe
  • Treyton Howell
  • Zach Inglesby
  • Corbin Laird
  • Jonas Lundgren
  • Kayla Ramirez
  • Jacob Vangerpen
  • Josh Walsh
  • Brandon Watabe
  • Jesse Wilch

GCU Ultimate Frisbee Club Coaching Staff

Josh Kohl

Head Coach

Josh Kohl is the head coach of the GCU ultimate Frisbee club team. Coach Kohl played for Pacific Lutheran’s ultimate Frisbee team from 2006 to 2010, becoming captain in his final season there. Since returning to Phoenix in 2010, he has played for the Phoenix Sprawl Club Ultimate Frisbee team and served as its captain for the past three seasons. He also had a brief stint with the American Ultimate Disc League’s Los Angeles Aviators in 2016 before joining the AUDL’s San Diego Growlers in 2017.

Coach Kohl coached the Arizona State women’s team in 2012 and North Canyon High School team in 2014 and 2015. Coach Kohl hopes to expand the GCU program and help players grow within the sport as well as in other areas of life.