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Welcome to GCU Co-Ed Mixed Martial Arts Club

The GCU Mixed Martial Arts Club is not just about teaching student-athletes how to defend themselves in the proper way. Students will also learn the importance of the values of martial arts – including respect, courage, self-discipline and leadership – and how to incorporate them into their daily lives. Club members will have the opportunity to learn about several different kinds of martial arts, including jujitsu and kickboxing, to better become a complete martial artist. The Mixed Martial Arts Club will not just come together as a group for practice 2-3 times per week at the brand-new Canyon Activity Center, but their sense of camaraderie and community will expand outside of the team for community service and teaching younger kids proper techniques.  GCU Mixed Martial Arts is excited after a strong first year, and hopes you’ll sign up to be part of an even stronger and disciplined Year 2!

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MMA Schedules

Showing 2019-2020

Day Date   Opponent/Details Location Time Score
Friday 02/28/2020 NUCA MMA 2020 Orlando, Florida NA ATTENDED

GCU Mixed Martial Arts Club Roster (Coming Soon)

MMA Coaching Staff

Sammy Sieckmann

Student Head Coach
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Entering his junior year, Sammy Sieckmann’s passion and understanding of sports psychology has led him to go for a Bachelor’s in Sports Psychology at Grand Canyon University, and also step into his role as the student head coach of the GCU Mixed Martial Arts Club.

Sieckmann – who hails from Omaha, Nebraska – enjoyed his first two years at Elkhorn High School in Omaha. He learned the important value of self-discipline when he walked into the Victory Boxing Club in South Omaha. Two years later, his grades were better, he was a student of the “sweet science”, he felt better about himself and he had found his calling. He “graduated” from boxing to MMA when he stepped into the ring with a couple of MMA fighters, and realized when they took him down that he didn’t know what to do next. 

He then learned that set of skills to add to his self-discipline, has now since brought all of those teachings to GCU and has put them in motion to grow the GCU MMA program as it begins its second year of existence. Sieckmann plans to graduate from GCU within the next two years.