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Welcome to GCU Co-Ed Powerlifting Club

The GCU Powerlifting Club offers student-athletes a chance to learn about their bodies, while creating and understanding accountability in other facets of their lives.  The mission of the club is to provide a hobby while also teaching the importance of setting goals.  As part of GCU Powerlifting, you’ll learn how the immediate feedback from the heavy lifting teaches you how the body moves and operates, and how to apply proper techniques to training sessions. 

Powerlifting team members will practice as a team twice a week in the weight room at the Canyon Activity Center, and have access to additional on-campus resources.  The team will come together each week to share what each person has learned so that they can help each other grow in their craft.  Some team members will compete in actual sanctioned meets later in the year, and possibly help organize and be part of a local tournament hosted at GCU.

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Powerlifting Schedules

Showing 2021-2022

Day Date   Opponent/Details Location Time Score
Saturday 08/14/2021 USPA Drug Tested Phoenix Rising Canyon Activities Center 9:00 AM PLACED
Sunday 08/15/2021 USPA Drug Tested Phoenix Rising Canyon Activities Center 9:00 AM PLACED
Saturday 09/25/2021 Femme Fatale: Ladies of Strength Canyon Activities Center 9:00 AM PLACED
Saturday 11/13/2021 Arizona State Championships Canyon Activities Center 9:00 AM TBA

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Powerlifting Coaching Staff

Santiago ‘Jimmy’ Vasquez

Student Head Coach
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Santiago “Jimmy” Vasquez became the new student head coach of Grand Canyon University Powerlifting in August 2020 as the club enters Year 4 as a program. 

Vasquez started competing in the GCU Powerlifting club in 2019, while also assisting in rehab coaching. This is his second year as the full-time head coach of the club.

As a part of GCU Powerlifting last year, Vasquez took part in the 2020 United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Drug Tested Arizona Open in the 140kg/308lbs Classic Raw Division. Vasquez set records for the State of Arizona junior division in bench press, squat, deadlift and total.

Vasquez first entered the powerlifting world after graduating from Dos Palos High School, just outside of Fresno, California in 2015. After wrestling throughout his high school career, Vasquez branched out to strongman competitions in 2015, even hitting the podium with a top-3 finish at the 2015 Beast of the Bay Fresno Strongman Challenge. Vasquez moved on to traditional powerlifting, competing from 2016 to 2019 in the Lemoore Barbell Strength program, and setting junior division world records for deadlift and bench-press at the 2019 USPS Drug Tested Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vasquez graduated from GCU with his bachelor’s degree in  Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work this past April. He now works as a behavioral health specialist at the Arizona Youth and Family Services, offering patient observation and intervention, and has plans on joining the Army in the future.