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Virtual meetings have become the norm during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. Although you may not be able to visit our beautiful and growing Phoenix campus, you can still fully immerse yourself in the Grand Canyon University (GCU) experience virtually.

Below are some of the virtual ways you can learn all about our campus, club sports programs and facilities from the comfort of your home.


Do you want to keep your athletic career alive? Are you wondering what club sports are all about? If so, enroll in one of our informative webinars today. GCU Club Sports allow student-athletes to compete in an organized, spirited environment while keeping their competitive juices flowing.

Learn all about our over 30 club sports programs in our interactive webinar, which provides students and families with an overview of what makes our club sports programs some of the best in the nation. Join us to learn about all-things club sports and begin your registration process today.

Our bi-monthly webinar starts Thursdays at 6 pm (MST). You can view the registration link here.


If you can’t come to the GCU campus, the GCU campus will come to you. Introducing GCU LIVE Tours, an hour-long virtual tour of our beautiful main campus on Camelback Road where student tour guides will take you on an up-close and personal journey to some of the most popular spots on our grounds. Various campus eateries, facilities, dorms and apartments are just a few of the destinations you will visit virtually. The final stop is a trip to the Canyon Activity Center, which features 10 basketball courts, a brand-new weight room and club sports athletic training room, and a new roller hockey rink. The tour concludes with an engaging student panel Q&A session.

GCU Live Tours specifically focused on club sports take place bi-monthly on Thursdays at 4 pm (MST), but the full list of availabilities can be found here.

GCU LIVE Lessons

Packed into convenient 45-minute sessions, GCU LIVE Lessons provide teachers, coaches, administrators, athletic directors and their students virtual opportunities to participate in various free classroom lessons designed to develop hands-on skills and explore advanced concepts. Each lesson features GCU curriculum uniquely crafted by our elite-level coaches with coaching experience at the professional, national and NCAA levels.

Watch here to learn more about the various virtual offerings provided by GCU LIVE Lessons.

A few of the popular fan favorites involving our club sports program include:

  • Banded Glute Activation – Injury Prevention Techniques: Injuries are common in contact sports, especially knee injuries. This lesson introduces a short muscle activation warm-up exercise that can help prevent knee injuries in high-octane contact sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, football and track and field.
  • Fueling the Student-Athlete – Quick Meal Prep for Elite Performance: Many sports programs don’t focus enough on one of the biggest game-changing elements of an athlete’s success: nutrition. In this lesson, students will learn the core nutrition fundamentals that lead to elite performance. Covering nutritional basics ranging from basal metabolic rate to caloric needs for body development, this lesson will prepare athletes to maximize their potential, on and off the field.
  • Servant Leadership and Team Culture – Leading Student-Athletes with a Christian Worldview: Championship culture produces championship performance – this has been true since the dawn of team sports. This lesson takes a deep dive into the ingredients that make up a dynamic and unified team culture. Values, vision, standards and behaviors are among the topics discussed in this motivational lesson.

Other popular LIVE Lessons include:

  • Business – Spirit of Business
  • Fine Arts and Production – Logo Design Challenge
  • Health Care – Careers in Chemistry
  • Humanities and Social Sciences – Neuroscience and Behavior of the Mind
  • Theology – Biblical Interpretation

GCU LIVE Lessons are available to teachers, coaches, athletic directors and administrators by appointment only. Click here to schedule an appointment!

Virtual College Fairs

These uncertain times won’t stop the GCU College Fair. Our virtual college fairs will take place on a monthly basis, beginning at 10 am on Saturday mornings. These informational meetings will cover the Honors College and Club Sports department, providing insight into the value these programs offer. In addition to learning about the benefits and professional development the honors program provides, attendees will also hear about travel, scholarships, admissions criteria, student testimonials and much more.

Interested? Click here to register for an upcoming virtual college fair!

Want to play clubs sports at GCU? You’re just a few clicks away! Head here to request more information on your sport!

*Club sports are not regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and do not have varsity status at the intercollegiate athletic level. However, club sports are organized and administered by their respective national sport governing body.