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Frequently Asked Questions

Women's Lacrosse players high fiving opponents after game

Joining a Club Sport

How do I register?
Steps of how to join a Club Sports program are outlined for your convenience on this site. You can also fill out this form to request more information.

I just registered. What’s next?
Obtain a physical. This can be done with any physician or at our GCU Health and Wellness Clinic. Most generic physical forms are accepted, however, you can print out a Sports Physical Form for your convenience. No e-signatures from physicians are accepted.

Who do I speak with to receive more information?
You may request more information on our site or you may contact our Program Development Specialist Hannah Bolton for all Club Sports related questions.

What are the requirements to participate?

  • Student must be a traditional on-ground student
  • Student must maintain full-time status (12 credits)
  • Student must be 25 years old or younger
  • Graduate students are permitted to participate upon approval
  • Direct all eligibility and compliance questions to our Operations Manager Aislinn Finfrock

What if I’m interested in more than one sport?
Students may participate in multiple club sports if the sports or clubs do not have conflicting seasons. Please contact Hannah Bolton to ensure seasons are not conflicting before registering for both. The student must pay club sports dues for every sport they participate in. There is not a discount that is offered for competing in multiple sports.

Can I attend a practice before registering?
Students may attend one practice before registering. Students will need to come to the Club Sports office (Building 58) and fill out a participation waiver.

What is the time commitment?
The time commitment for the majority of the sports ranges from 7-8 hours per week. Sports like lacrosse, rugby and hockey are higher with 12-15 hours on average.

Do I need health insurance to participate?
Yes, health insurance is required to participate in club sports and it must go through a provider that is accepted in the state of Arizona. If a student does not have medical insurance, they can sign up for the GCU student health insurance plan. Visit the GCU Health and Wellness Clinic page for more information.


Are there dues?
Yes, there are dues with Club Sports, however, they are competitively priced when compared to other universities. The dues for this year can be found on our Club Sports fees list on our How To Join page.

What do the dues provide me?
Specific to each sport and team, dues are applied to operational costs including but not limited to: coaching and leadership training, equipment, game uniforms, basic practice gear, field and facility rentals, league fees, tournament fees, officials, hotels, ground transportation, meals, administration fees and athletic training.

Is there financial assistance available to help cover the cost of dues?
GCU offers a robust academic scholarship program, however, there is no financial assistance specific for Club Sports.

Why do some sports cost more than others?
Some factors that go into our Club Sports dues include travel, coaching, facility rentals, length of season and gear. Each of these factors is dependent on the specific requirements of each team. All dues go directly toward the cost of operation.

Can I receive a refund if I decide I no longer wish to participate?
We do not provide refunds, however, we may cancel future payments through a valid appeals process approval. To be considered for an appeal, the student must submit an appeal to [email protected] by the deadline. For more information on appeals, read through our GCU Club Sports Appeals resource. This is provided on a case-by-case basis.

Club Sports Department Questions

Where is the Club Sports office and who do I speak to for more information?
GCU Club Sports is located in Building 58 (Canyon Activity Center) adjacent to the Canyon Activity Center’s weight room.

Will I have to miss class for club sports events, and will I be excused?
It is possible that a student could miss class, however, they are encouraged to reach out to their professors ahead of time to be excused. Participation in a club sport is a valid reason for missing class time. If a club sports activity takes place during class, coaches will provide a note for professors. It is up to the student to make up for any lost time and classwork.

The sport I am interested in playing isn’t listed. Is it possible to start a new club?

Yes, we love new clubs! To start a new club, we require you to submit:

  • A budget proposal
    • What is the expected cost for all leagues, events, etc. you plan to participate in? Are there travel costs? Uniforms?
  • Interest from other students
    • Find students who would be interested in joining. Create a list with contact information.
  • Find a league or organization that our teams could participate in
    • To start, this should be a Phoenix or Arizona league.

Once these steps are complete, take your proposal into the Club Sports offices (Canyon Activity Center, Building 58) or email [email protected].

How can I contact the coach for the sport I want to play?
Students can contact the coach by either getting their direct email from Hannah Bolton, or by filling out the prospective student athlete form. The student-athlete that is best suited for club sports are those wishing to continue to play their sport in college at a competitive level.

Why are some sports student-led and others have “actual” coaches?
Coaching assignments vary based on number of participants, time commitment of each sport and dues. Some programs are newer and smaller to our Club Sports department and might be student-led programs. Other programs might have 50-100 participants, requiring a full-time and/or part-time coaches. Sports that typically travel more likely have full- or part-time coaches.

Do club sports use my NCAA eligibility?
Yes, club sports are organized college athletics and will use up NCAA eligibility.

If a student plays club sports is there a possibility of them moving to one of GCU’s NCAA teams?
While it is not likely, there have been instances of players who join NCAA teams as a non-scholarship student-athlete. This occurs on a sport-by-sport and case-by-case basis. Typically, NCAA programs hold an open tryout or an ID camp to evaluate these cases.

What is the difference between club, intramurals and NCAA?
Club sports present as much competition against other universities like NCAA, but is much less of a time commitment. Club sports are “pay for play” and offer an opportunity to any student interested in joining, whereas the NCAA does not. Intramural sports and teams are more recreational in nature and are housed on campus, competing against one another rather than against other universities.

*Club sports are not regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and do not have varsity status at the intercollegiate athletic level. However, club sports are organized and administered by their respective national sport governing body.