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About GCU Club Sports

About Club Sports

Competitive College Club Sports

Grand Canyon University’s club sports program provides students with the opportunity to pursue their passion and gain learning experiences outside of the classroom. GCU offers a wide range of intercollegiate club sports, from nationally recognized and competitive sports like lacrosse and rugby, to new and exciting teams like acapella and eSports.

Our club sports teams are organized and competitive, with expert coaches who are passionate about helping their teams grow athletically and personally. With top-quality on-campus facilities, dynamic practices and highly competitive levels that demand excellence, GCU club sports offers the opportunity to pursue your love of the game while also focusing on your academic journey.

Teams feature a blend of recruited athletes and walk-ons who compete on a national stage. Both current and new students are invited to compete. Club teams are funded by GCU and through club fees from athletes competing for their university.

More About GCU Club Sports

GCU boasts a larger club sports program than any university in the nation. More than 30 teams offer a great opportunity for students to excel at their passions outside of the classroom and be part of national athletic communities. Our organized club sports teams play at a highly competitive level that creates unforgettable experiences.

As part of a club sports team, student-athletes will:

  • Receive top-level coaching
  • Staffed with dedicated athletic training staff for injury prevention, rehabilitation and conditioning
  • Access to state-of-the-art, on-campus athletic facilities
  • Outfitted with practice gear, equipment and game uniforms
  • Travel for regular-season competition against clubs from other universities
  • Compete for conference, regional and national titles
  • Promote leadership, friendship and healthy lifestyle choices

Learn more about our facilities and programs and how you can get involved with our club sports teams:

GCU Club Sports Administration

The club sports administration team supports all of our club sports teams and coaches. Contact us for more information about our programs.

Please direct your inquiries as follows:

Dan Nichols, Director

Administrative inquiries

Mark Nelson, Assistant Director

Facilities and scheduling inquiries

Aislinn Finfrock, Manager

Dues and vendor inquiries

Alex Garwood, Program Manager

Enrollment and recruiting inquiries